How we work


Extroscope Art is about presenting the photograph as an art form in the best possible way. We take great care in choosing paper for our prints, folios and handmade books. We believe in the way that tactility of paper can enhance the experience of looking at photographic art. We believe in the way books and folios can tell stories though photographic art.


So whether you are a novice, a collector, an connoisseur, a photographer your self, or just someone looking for a special gift, we hope you will enjoy the artworks just as much as we do making and sharing them.


Every order is made on demand, we don't keep stock. Because we make every print one at a time, the way we print might change over time. The artist might also change the image over time. The selection of paper can also change. So if you are interested in a collection of pictures from a serie, we recommend that your order all pictures at the same time.


When we receive your order it is placed in a queue, so it first come, first served. We will try to expedite your order as fast as possible. Normally we ship your order within 3 days for prints and 5 days for folios. Special one-off artworks might already have been created, and will then ship with in 1 day. While this is the level of quality we strive at, please allow for two weeks before contacting us about shipping.


If we know of any problems, like backorders on special paper, we will notify you as we receive your order, and give you an estimate on when your order is likely to ship. Most products are shipped with trace & tracking.


Prints are normally shipped in cardboard tubes, and folios and books are send in boxes. Special artwork might have special shipping requirements. If so it is stated in the product description.


If you order different product types at the same time. You will typically receive more that one package. E.g prints in a tube, and folios and books in a box.


Shipping is free if you order amounts to more that 2500 DKK. If you order special artwork that require special shipping, the extra cost is included in the prices of the artwork.


As everything we ship is made on demand we do not take returns. When the order has shipped the sale is final. If the products are damaged in shipping, please take pictures of the products and send them by e-mail to us, with a description of the problem.


We take great care to insure the quality of our products at the time of shipping. Should you against expectations receive a product that contain a defect, take a photo of the product and send it by e-mail to us, with a description of the problem. Please notice that our products are largely made by hand, and in some products this will reflect in the style and feel of the product. This will not be consider a defect.


If you have questions or special needs please contacts us.

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